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Reviews and Feedback

'Boys loved it and we had a really good discussion about our feelings afterwards.' - Fatimah Khan

'What a lovely book! Highly recommend this to all parents and teachers out there. I bought a copy for a younger niece and have no doubt that they'll absolutely love it! I couldn't recommend this enough.' - Robi Chowdhury

'This story is an absolute delight to read. My 6 year old daughter absolutely loves it; she said it helped her to be brave about her first swimming lesson at school. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who works with young children and also parents/guardians. I look forward to reading more of these treasured books in the near future.'

- Nazia Ali

'The story is beautiful, I can't wait to read it to my class.' - Lorraine Mary

'My 4 year old daughter loved the story and the illustration is just beautiful . She was captured by the words and the colourful drawings . A very good storyline and such a lovely way to understand and accept that butterfly feeling. My daughter is still young so doesn’t quite grasp the concept of them feelings but this is a book I will read to her very often and definitely in the future.' - Tasnim Beeharry

'Freya’s funny feeling provides children with a tangible metaphor for the complex emotions they may feel. I work with children with SEMH difficulties and this book will enable us as practitioners for focus on the imagery of the butterfly when working with on those tricky emotions.' - Lizzie Luxton

'I read the story to Annie at bedtime! She loved the different butterfly feelings and talked about her favourite butterflies at the end and what they like to do. A lovely story and we really liked the drawings too! Amazing!' - Sarah Noble

'I bought the book for my niece, she's a little too young to understand the book, but she happily stayed on my lap and followed my hand through as I read it to her. Whilst reading it, her Grandmother, an Early Years Educator, was listening and said the book was a really good way to give young children the confidence to express their feelings.' - Samiya Rashid

'I like the analogy of the butterfly cycle...I also like the use of alliteration in your 'tangly twirly topply' description - this is a good way to describe that butterfly feeling that children will understand.' - Lou Treleaven

'Amelia's favourite page was the one of the butterflies doing spectacular funny things and her comment after a few pages into the book was, 'Mummy, did you write this story?' because she thought I was writing about her if it was from me. Which goes to say she really identifies with the character.  It's so well written and really helped Amelia identify her worries and visualise them by using a butterfly metaphor. But what I loved was the ending which showed Freya's own 'metamorphis' when she learns to deal with her worries and I found that so uplifting and inspiring.' Maylene Seah 

'I love the idea of Freya making friends with her butterflies!' - Claire Bea

'Amazing illustrations and perfect story for those children who confuse their butterflies for being it!!! I will definitely need a copy for my kids at work!' - Shapla Aziz 

'It has lots of diversity with all the different children talking to each other and I also liked the bit where the parents were talking to Freya because it shows the message of the parents helping the child.' - Kiyaan, aged 9  



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